Friday, March 15, 2019

holy fool learns more prudence

That would be really helpful,

If you had warned me not to be a holy fool.

It would have been really helpful—
if you had taught me your cardinal virtue,
sipping tea in a Bethlehem thunderstorm,
reading Josef Pieper, wrapped in blankets,
learning prudence.

Josef Pieper reminds
me not

to make the nascent my life's foundation,

to meet fondness with unreciprocated passion.


Oh, Josef. Have you never been in love?

It's a joke.

Pieper pops up with the croci
sprouting through the park's mulchy mud
to remind me:

An ounce of prudence is worth the pound of heartbreak
Ripping through my breast each morning.

Holy fool, proceed with caution;
you're the joke, later.

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