Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Unanswered Advertisement for Monastery

Seeking a man whose amber eyes shine when quoting Dante or I enter the same room.
Seeking a man who can speak Italian, French, German, and the language of my heart.
Seeking male human who can go toe-to-toe with me in conversation, who can keep step as we dance our way through dinners and brunches,
Who shares Italian poetry he translates on the fly. Who will finish the bottle of wine at the end of dinner by drinking out of it.

Seeking a man who can grow a good beard, but whose jawline stands independent without it.
A soul who can laugh like the Minnehaha running over stones in the springtime snowmelt.

Who can write poetry and letters,
Who will pray with his arms around me in bedrooms, on terraces, by rivers, smoking cigarettes, in sun-streaked basilicas.

I am looking for my monastery.
If you are out there, please send a small sign
To let me know that you are waiting
And that the kettle’s on.

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