Thursday, January 10, 2019

monastery #2:188th Street

Whenever I say a Hail Mary now I think of the Visitation stained into the glass of St. Elizabeth’s windows.

Like a spell, they summon me back to the peace of Tuesday afternoon and walking up and down the aisles while abuelas pray in the pews and workmen on ladders clamber up above our heads.

I am salty this Tuesday, and I walk inside to air sweetened with St. Elizabeth's saturated light. The windows are so brilliantly colored they sparkle in the sun that escapes the January clouds and the Church shines like a jewel-box.

Now, when I pray Hail Marys, I pray them to remember discovering the Annunciation window, hiding on the sidewall of the altar.

I stare for a long time at the window of the Annunciation that’s hiding by the altar.
The Annunciation:
God’s reinvention of the universe, a second stab at Eden.

This window spells out the mystery of salvation, of divine love—God does not scrap his ruined universe, but instead: God loves it into re-creation.

The mercy of God in this action of recreation taking place inside a woman's womb is mesmerizing.

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