Monday, December 10, 2018

prophets of a future, our own

It is honestly the best feeling when your past self reaches up from the dregs of the internet to hit you over the head with small homilies of wisdom that you have forgotten or just can't remember on today—a Monday where you are missing part of your tooth, your luggage got misplaced at an airport the size of a postage stamp, and you commuted to work on a electronic scooter, because you apparently have no limits to the indignities you will commit:

So, too, I think God strips away so many of the pieces of our identity we rely on. In our moments of weakness, we can always recall that we are talented, that we are virtuous, that we are strong, that we are good. But what happens when those assurances are taken away? When we find that we are not good, that we do sin, that we are beautiful but indeed very broken then we can finally say with Paul that God’s power is made perfect in weakness (2 Cor 12:9). 

God’s power is not made perfect in our socially acceptable weaknesses—like our tendency to eat too many slices of cheesecake—but in our dirty, ugly weaknesses: our addiction to pornography, the uncharity in our family, in career-destroying mistakes. Real weakness. Real failure. Real sin. It is in these parts of ourselves that God’s power will work, because these failures force us to finally admit that we are broken and actually need saving...

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