Sunday, November 11, 2018

nothing's broken

Do not be so gauche as to actually
break a bond you've forged
do not be so heartless as to actually snap
shared life back into two.

Rather, let the velocity of selfishness
pull her to her feet, speed her from you.
Let the inertia of misery keep you in your place.
It's less a break than a falling apart
some rot at the center eats away at it,
some atmospheric static keeps the glue from holding,
a common rationale went missing,
the logos of an earthly paradise got lost.

It's less a severing than a slow bath in lethe,
fingers turning into prunes underneath the water,
but no one exits,
we are dehydrated, but no one drinks.

It's less a breaking than
an intentional mis-remembering
of your face, your hands, your heart.

It's a purposeful forgetting of how to hold you gently,
a slow-withdrawal from your
newly shark-eyed arms.

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