Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Harlem Annunciation

There's a—well, just a sliver of light
in a very light little corner of the room.

There are plants, but they are sort of nondescript.

And there's a small ray of light, in the midst of the day.

Today has light in it.

But it's often difficult to see.

I resent the idea that angels just appear, like beams of light.

I think angels are the man at mass who hits his head with excitement while in communion line.

I am right | but also wrong.

If you look into the cup at a poor church,
you see white wine.
And Christ is so present in this small indignity.

the stained glass windows on the ceiling are full of light,
and perhaps angels—who am I to say?

I pray, with the church full of people: Viva Maria!

and laugh.

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