Wednesday, September 19, 2018

wisdom's children

My favorite chapels are the ones that look slightly submerged. The stained glass windows make the light fluid and shimmery. When light shimmers, all we mean is that it shakes. The voice of the sister reading Paul's famous canticle of love shakes slightly too. And, by that, I mean it shimmers like she is stained glass, the light emanates through her from a quiet source.

She is water, and the word is the light that glistens in it.

The world is baptized in the fire and the water of the Spirit speaking in the words, which speak to the part of our brains which recognizes faces.

I recognize the face of God

in the face of the nun,
in the face of the words,

in the light which filters through the stained glass windows and reminds me that today, too, is a journey towards the surface. Along the way, the world is a jewel-soaked reef of wonders. We will get scratched. But there is beauty.

One day, we will reach the shore.

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