Sunday, May 27, 2018

peripatetic perichoretics

What God has joined together—
bonds of serendipity,
the glue of happenstance:
accident, now necessity—
builds an exterior fortress 
from which God creates, 
loves, espouses, and diffuses

The Economic Trinity is a fortress, from which God loves the world. But the Imminent Trinity is, too, I think one sunlit Wednesday on a bench in shade, under the sunlight of the trees. Certainly, their relationship is one in which they balance and check one another, they meet, support, and translate the being they receive to the world. But do not the taxes balance and complement each other. They are a fortress unto themselves, protecting the Godhead from collapsing into the interiority of the two. The pair is natural (e.g., Adam and the Beasts, the Occupants of Noah's Ark), but where three are gathered in one name, how can this be? For to have relations with a man is to meet him face-to-face. Can we meet two gazes in one moment?

Whatever else it demands, Trinity demands faith. To believe, as hearts fail and bodies crumble, that there is a God who is not angry or cruel, but ultimately love, is a great risk. To believe that there are certain sturdy castles one can anchor one's kingdom on is a leap of love.

But whatever is divine—whatever is made up of the natural and its supernatural fruit, whatever meets our expectations and exceeds them, whatever offers both cross and resurrection, whatever offers a foundation deeper than sand and a happiness and wholeness beyond a grasping comprehension, whatever demands more than we know how to give, and provides us with a rooted place from which to love the world—

let no one tear asunder.

May no single hand dismantle
its painstaking, long-suffering,
loving bricks.

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