Saturday, March 31, 2018

Notes from My Paschal Triduum Program

Desire is not quenched by mere presence
half-consummation substitutes for satisfaction—
desire fulfilled only when resolved,
resting in an other,
who receives what is given and returns something new,
who recapitulates what is stated,
offering something sated,
in an understood word.

Creation is a symphony
(but not the song)
Akedah is easy,
(but really it is not)
desire is both death and resurrection,
leading to new life.

Knowing what you want
is different than getting it
John Chrysostom says
that the greatest poverty
is wanting more than you have—
can have?—
Prayer is the transformation of our hearts
to discover that which is good.

Am I rich?

I watch the girl he watches, wondering,
what his gazes mean. 
I want something to be which is not—
it is but a wish of mine.

Am I poor?

I am surrounded by three people who love me very much,
who have stood by me through thick
and thin,
who I love too.

One cannot grasp, one must receive.
Here we are gathered under one gilded roof of angels.
And that is wealth:
these people, this time.

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