Wednesday, January 10, 2018

second law of anthrodynamics

Stranger: shorthand for simplicity,
relationship with an Other untouched by entropy,
Crisp, clean boundary lines demarcate your life from mine,
ne'er the twain meeting,
except in cursory morning greetings
at checkout counters,
pedestrian courtesies on public transportation,
shared smiles at bad behaviors
of Russian mothers in airports.

Glib flirting or facile rapport:
dangerous slopes slipping into more.
Once the yolk is broken, the porous
wall between my life and yours,
suddenly [adv., "without much warning"]
without signal from the penguins,
simple polar ice of strangers thawing
into messy oceans of
Small archipelagos of affinity
building [something like] a bridge
between our coasts,
tangling two threads further.

Elbows glance against each other,
flint and tinder sparking,
our similar poles repelling
my body apart from yours.
Our slight adjustments laden with too much story,
un-static electricity
running through simple actions,
transforms each brush into a signifier,
actions' simplicity robbed by sacrament.

Cinnamon swirled into oatmeal,
sugar dissolved into tea,
poem you began, ended by—

confused, changeable, indivisible—
Chalcedon does not apply.
Overwhelmed by signal, I
am inundated by sign,
the effortless innocence of "stranger"
painted in rose-tones by me,
[by me]
unencumbered by entropy.

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