Tuesday, January 9, 2018

psalm 27, bus edition

One thing I asked of the Lord,
This only will I seek after:
One thing I asked of my God,
Oh this my only desire:
That I might stay on this bus
Souped up with Real Madrid banners
Stuffed figurines of Smurfs and Popeye, Spongebob and Mickey
all the days of my life.
to behold the beauty of the Lord,
In the warbling Arabic voices on the radio,
singing the mid-morning sun into shining,
as he picks up steam
actually beginning to get serious about this business of warming up the world.

[The first aid kit has a red Star of David on it
Ohhhh like a Red Cross
Sometimes I’m a little slow to the game.]

May I remain on this bus all the days of my life,
On this dreadfully patterned blue seat,
I will pitch my tent, here, where I know I belong:
near whatever woman with a vacant seat beside her,
Modestly crossing my legs
underneath the frayed upholstery of the seat,
Sporting red lipstick,
an understated stab at
face paint half as glamorous as my seatmate’s under her hijab.

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