Friday, September 2, 2016

a detonation

Faith is a blind leap
I believe because it's absurd
and is not beauty just absurd?
the sunset: absurd
a mother's love: absurd
the curve of the oak tree's
vein-y bark: absurd
my father's crows-feet: absurd

Is it not absurd to leap towards another human being
to think that they can contain in them some thing 
for you
what in this world can be proved
beyond the magician's doubt
is it not folly 
to think that there is a magic to the world
that I can look at another human being and see them
see them not just 
a projection of myself
or a synthesis of all their parts
but a true shape
is there not an absurdity 
to the beating of our hearts
that somehow know one another

if we break down all our mysteries
to find what is sure
boil everything down to
something we've named
first principles
(ignoring the deep mystery
and magic 
roaring underneath them)
all we are left holding
is a resilient sprig of beauty

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