Monday, May 30, 2016

vain persuasions

She has blended into the oddities of the city--
one curio among myriad curiosities.
We have found our Midwestern
Composure, charm, and sensibility
warped into the city's
sharp façades and irascibility.

The woman yells into her phone:
are you even listening to me?!
We sent the fucking email
to Brooklyn, not to you.
It will come to you through Brooklyn.

I escape into the cheese shop,
and find I have become another
one of the many Midtown dwellers
looking for an outlet--
not for their creativity,
but for their laptop--
so that I can perch it on a barstool,
and sip sauvignon blanc despairingly
while nibbling away at cheese sandwiches
to deny the pain of disappointment.

The pasta is spiced with sharp words
and seasoned with unhappiness

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