Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Iterations of the Future

But it's useless to try to turn to somebody you're just fond of, when what you really need is something more.
--The Small Rain, page 46. Chapter Three

Carolyn woke up with a jolt in the middle of the night.
It hit her, full force in the stomach.
She went to the bathroom to wash her face, and wash the dream visions out of from under her eyelashes.
She realized what a dangerous thing it is to let an affection grow and develop unheeded and unweeded. There is a version of my life in which I marry Luke Scott, she said to her sort of horrified reflection in the mirror.
Why yes, thought Carolyn. In fact, I very well may marry Luke Scott, if I like. Carolyn thought about all reasons why she found herself attracted to Luke Scott.
One: when he had wrapped his long arms (they were really inordinately long) around her in a quick embrace, she had noticed that his body felt very pleasant to be close to. It felt like a slender young elm tree. That sounds weird. But it was intoxicating.
Two: when he smiled--not just a regular smile, but a smile at her: a special smile that said: oh, I see you. I definitely am seeing just you right now, and it's enough to make me smile--she felt her insides melting inside of her, and burning a hole in the carpet. She would do anything for a smile like that.
Three: he was incredibly strange. So incredibly strange. She had never quite met someone like him before. She doesn't see the usefulness in explaining what makes him strange to you, to describe him? Imagine Scar from The Lion King were playing Heath Ledger's character in A Knight's Tale. That's kind of what he is like.

Against her better judgment, for some reason. Carolyn found that particular mixture of reasons intoxicating. Yes, Luke Scott was certainly someone with whom she was compatabile-ish. Compatible-ish is a dangerous ground to walk.

It's just close enough to compatible to be mistaken for compatible.

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