Thursday, March 17, 2016

I hear violins

I tremble, knowing
how I will tremble
tomorrow, feeling
how close I am to being
close to you
who have--
for too long--
been a shimmering
screen image
and a night dream name.

I wonder, realizing,
how short my dreams
fall of capturing
your entirety,
anticipating your reality--
a mighty Thou--
thundering in you,
reverberating with all
that is not stained with I.
And I am not yet who I
will be then--
then, when I and thou
How can I know who you, becoming
constantly, a new creation,
will be then?
When, finally, greeting
one another, we shall be
two persons who, as yet,
do not exist,
but are the images
we are growing towards.

I marvel, envisioning,
how all the moments
and small miracles
between now and then
will mold us
into mysteries.

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