Saturday, December 26, 2015

Sharing Ben & Jerry's in Midway Airport

Joseph cradles his orphaned god,
as orphan luggage trundles by his seat.

Mary badgers baggage services
into holding excess carry-ons

until the longed-for
return leg of their journey

Deserted now, their airport seems
more prison than portal,

a sorry stopgap for
pilgrims stalled
and grounded nomads.


Someone's eyes are teary--
yours? or mine ---
as we pray a simple grace

over our sweet meal,
with closed eyes

and each hand closed
over the other's.

Our ice cream,
according to the posted sign,

is named "The
Tonight Dough",
(with Jimmy Fallon)

But we re-christen it
"A Gift for You"

Of the genus

Imagining my just desserts,
I never could have dreamt
of this--

of these hands,
those stumbling words of  grace,

your eyes,
smiling with the light
of twin blue suns
into mine.

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