Thursday, October 22, 2015

tangible manifestations

A friend wrote me a week or two ago and reminded me of this reflection I wrote some time ago.
And, today at school, a student reminded me that these stories are still all too common, and still painful realities for so many young women.

I have learned to be attentive to moments—little everyday occurrences—that I like to call moments of grace. We all experience them: those moments when you run into a friend and get an awesome hug just when you need it. When you read a book, and a quote leaps out of the page and grabs your attention like it was written just for you. When someone asks you a question that really sticks in your brain and you think about it all week. A smile. A word. Just little signs of God’s grace acting in our lives—little gifts God gives, to remind us of His love for us, and that He’s taking care of us. These signs are what I call moments of grace.

Here is a story about one of those moments:

Read the rest here.

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