Thursday, August 6, 2015

the calming of the waves

Back to the beginning:
this dusty old Cathedral,
which smells like ancient mold
and fresh varnish.
Like old habits
and antiquated routines.
It smells like something
familiar from the past.
From this vantage point,
an entire story unfolds:
a story of choices;
endless series of choices
forced into action
by the flow of 60 seconds per minute
forced into the plot by the necessity of motion
guided by what?
by momentary desires
such monumental fates rest on such chance decisions
such incidental factors:
the weather
empires and entire story-lines,
plot-points of the entire world rest on the state of the soul
and the state of the stomach.

How can one make any decisions,
knowing what great stakes are attached to them all?

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