Thursday, April 16, 2015

believe twice of what you see

Things I learned today:
I learned the woman in the bar down the road wears a cowboy hat and great lipstick.
I saw a man writing something on brick with a stump of cigarette
I learned that our corner smells like weed sometimes in the middle of the afternoon.
I learned that the drab dog down the road loves the school children who wait for the bus each morning, and walk home with their mothers in the bright afternoon.
I saw that the doors of Trinity Church are locked during the middle of the day. They are only opened on Sunday.
I discovered that the E train always comes when I need it.
I found out that the F train is not as bad as I first thought.
I decided the 7 train when it shoots above ground is second only to the G train, when it rises above Brooklyn to snatch a view of Lady Liberty.
I have learned that I always try to do too much, and will someday learn how to say no. Today is not that day. But tomorrow might be better.
I knelt in front of the Statue of St. Jude. And I knew that all my causes, though impossible, are not lost ones.
I learned that I am not an adult.
I learned that N is speaking at Fr. Ted's funeral.
I learned that New York City is magical, even in the slush.
Yorkville is so beautiful this time of year.

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