Sunday, March 22, 2015

time goes by

Her Apartment is the same. There are so many other things that have changed:
our bodies
our faces
our hearts
our minds
our paths
our friendships
our lives
our stories

but there is still the skylight in the kitchen with the cheerful fake sky, interminably blue, despite the cloudy grey Chicago weather outside.

There is still the familiar couches and chairs, where we have watched movies. The kitchen table where we have broken bread, and put our heads together for early morning tete-a-tetes. There is still the same movie posters decorating the walls.

In the whirling movement and upset of our lives; lives that are constantly transforming, it is a sweet relief to have continuity. Continuity is doubly blessed when it is found in a beloved place, and this apartment is one of those places. It is a safe haven, a small little island, that--when we visit--we taste some of the changelessness of paradise.

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