Sunday, March 29, 2015

passover chocolates

All around us I hear the
familiar, pounding thud
of train wheels thundering over
their underground tracks--
instead of underneath my feet,
the sound was around me,
behind the walls,
and shaking the stucco ceiling.

Crowded, fraternally,
in the basement room,
we peer excitedly at one another,
around the lighted candles.

Deep under the pavement,
where the thunder of trains
reverberates through the
concrete foundation's walls.

How strange--
just past these thin walls
there is another world:
a dark mysterious world
that seethes with roaring trains
and scampering creatures.

In this small basement room--
surrounded by light.
Shyly we look at one another,
awkwardly, I meet your eyes,
painfully, she looks for God in
your face.
Gauche and forward,
voyeuristic and uncouth,
I stare into your eyes
to see your soul illuminated here.

Hushed embarrassment falls:
we blush--
stilted teenagers,
our glances meeting briefly,
shyly, with a new understanding of what
two human eyes truly mean.
To our surprise:
we find God there.

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