Monday, March 9, 2015

consumed by mystery

She loves him inexplicably. There are some questions that are more than impertinent, they're rather an insult to the order of operations that govern the universe. And often you're tempted to ask questions like: how do you love him?
And if you asked Elizabeth Barrett Browning, she could respond with: freely, as men strive for right. and purely, as they turn from praise and then she could continue on and write an entire sonnet about the nature of her love.
But this is a rare privilege, one not afforded to most of us.
For most of us, the question of how do you love her? is a baffling one. Because it seeks to dissect what most of us can only take as a given.
Sometimes, I wish all of us could express ourselves like Ms. Barrett Browning, because I wonder how many of us are writing sonnets with our lives and don't even know it.

How do you love her?

I love her not for what she does, or who she thinks she is--the part of her that she displays for all the world to see--not for that part. I love her for who she is deep inside of herself. The part that only God can see of her.

How do you love him?

I love him not for the parts of him that think or feel or will or do, not for those parts. I love him for the part of him that just is--his Being, I suppose you would call that. I love solely his existence. Apart from his actions or his deeds, or whatever he thinks or says, I love him just for breathing air. I love that there is a soul in this world that is stamped forever with his name.
Perhaps you can hate someone for something they have done; for the person that their actions are turning themselves into, and yet love them deeply, truly, because they are.
And there is no other condition needed to make someone lovable.
From the moment they begin to be, they will be loved.

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