Wednesday, January 7, 2015

irrefutably indelible impressions

'Women are messier by nature', said Miss Edwards, 'they are naturally picnic-minded'
--Dorothy Sayers, Gaudy Night

Lips meet in the cold winter night
two flames burn bright
hearts aglow,
not minding the gentle,
quiet snowfall,
Dark before the day the
lovers' candle burns for one another,
full of the wonder that was each other
in the soft sweet lips of
the partner in
certain, unyielding bliss.
Future pain expunged by joy,
the first pure kiss
in Christmas snow
of a sweeter brown-eyed boy.


Our vanilla candle
next to
the Hershey's chocolate flame,
The peach wick flickering,
burning low,
down to the very last drop,
gives way to the Christmas-treated scent.
No one can smell the sandalwood.


pah pah pah
wake up, arise
pah pah pah
please find it in your heart
pah pah pah
the rumble of the track
the buzz of the movie
on the iPhone
the clatter of the underground,
the heat rising through the vent
and clogging up the atmosphere
and everything smells
like rotting weed and
body odor.
pah pah pah
I'm sorry, brother,
thank you sister,
pah pah pah
the Asian man
across from me,
is shocked.
pah pah pah
his honest face reads
my mind and says it.
pah pah
77th street is next
pah pah pah
the N train is not
running to Queens
pah pah pah
please take the 7 train instead.

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