Wednesday, December 24, 2014

whom canines sigh for

I see him, though not now; 
I behold him, though not near:
--Numbers 24: 17

Our psychotic puppy has become fascinated by lights.
Which, it being Christmas-tide, are [in]conveniently sprinkled all over our house.
He has become particularly entranced by the lights that hang above our kitchen cabinets.
Accordingly, he has set up camp right in the small pathway between the counter and the cabinets, staring up at the lights. Which, is obviously a ginormous inconvenience for the rest of us, who have to maneuver around him.
As he stares up at the lights, his limbs shaking (which is disturbing), his pupils widening in a really concerning way, he whimpers a bit, and begins to pant, utterly transfixed by the unblinking glow of the icicle lights that hang from our ceiling.
We haven't timed him yet, but it looks like--if left undisturbed-- he could go on staring at the lights for potentially an eternity.
Sometimes, his excitement overwhelms him, and he runs away from the lights, then runs back, as if he was expecting them to have disappeared or changed somehow. Then he cocks his head to one side, and his ear folds back on itself, making him look officially deranged. And he keeps staring.

We keep trying to find other things to attract his attention, since he looks absolutely psychotic staring up at the Christmas lights all day long. The smell of fresh pizza from the oven was about the only thing that did it.

While sitting at our kitchen table, looking for inspiration, my eyes landed on our dog (desperate times, desperate measures), and I instantly thought of those words of Balaam's prophecy. Perhaps, I thought, that is what living in a truly liturgical posture looks like: eyes transfixed on the light, unmoved and undeterred by the frantic attempts of others to distract us. A star shall rise from Jacob, quoth Balaam, and those whose eyes remain fixed upon the horizon will be the first to see it.

On that note, I'm going to go take our dog on a run now. Because staring at a Christmas light for hours on end has got to do a number on one's psychological health.

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