Sunday, July 27, 2014


If we peeled open the trap-door of the cosmos,
we'd find hiding in the cellar underneath
our worst nightmares.
Not the cobwebs or the dust
or the eerie single lightbulb glowing in the dark
but a vast vault of emptiness.
A cavern of absolutely nothing,
a negative, would confront us.
And this would be too much for our minds to grasp.
If we peek beyond the iron curtain we have hung--
a safety net to carve out a sweet
recess of comprehension,
where the world spins in one direction only,
where we can calculate the heartbeat of a star--
if we peer beyond this into the
mangled chaos of the
uncharted reaches of the cosmos,
past matter,
past time,
past understanding
we find nothing.
This nothing that clouds the edges of our vision,
that lingers hazily in the corners of our thought
is too terrifying to see clearly.
We confine it the peripheries of our consciousness,
and when it sneaks its way to center stage,
its sheer dreadfulness freezes our hearts.
We are paralyzed by the lack of image
that confronts our waking minds.
There is nothing for us to hold on too--
Nothing stops our heartbeat,
it stymies the air flowing
through our lungs,
when these lungs fall silence--
what then?
What next?
In the deep black silence of this death,
beyond the safety of our human confines,
there is nothing.
but you.
Even in the yawning gap of the world
beyond what we can endure,
you are there.
You have waded into the dark silence
of the nothing,
you have made us light.

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