Monday, February 24, 2014

le poesie de Neri Tanfucio

like il risorgimento,
our task is to find unity in the midst of scatteredness.
to combine together those elements that may have seemed foreign to one another.
to collect the parts of our identity that lie in
Naples and Venice and Sienna
to find a way to make Tuscany and Umbria one thing.

like carbonic acid,
our purpose is to make a discovery.
to introduce something new into an ancient thing like water,
to add a zest to a liquid that's grown stale,
to find like Bacon, a new world inside to match the nascent empire
being birthed before our eyes.

like the angels,
we have a choice.
unlike the angels, we have choice after choice after choice.
because, unlike the angels, we are finite and temporal.
our days are made of shades of light and dark,
of created light and self-chosen night.
the darkness, uncreated, except by our own choice.
like the angels, we find ourselves confronted by an eternity of light.
in that question of participation,
in that great game of: Yes and,
we may choose. we do choose.
the entire shape of our being,
like the angels, caught up into in one moment of intense focus
and formed into a question.

like Rubik's cube,
our puzzle to solve is a puzzle of chaos.
in the midst of the colors, the jumbled-up rainbow,
a few skillful twists and some turns yield a pattern,
a secret recipe, a formula of reason,
a skillfully hidden solution to the mess.
Patiently, we rotate the squares,
hoping to unlock the key,
by performing the movements, to learn the actions.

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