Sunday, December 29, 2013


it is Love alone which counts
--Thérèse of Lisieux

I met a girl once.
She was missing her two front teeth.
But she smiled more than any other human being I have met, and it was one of the more beautiful smiles I have ever seen.
She had this way of plowing right into you and hugging you so hard, all the breath would be squeezed out of you.
She only stood a little taller than five feet, so her head reached right above your chest.
In a bout of excitement, she would clutch you in her vise-grip of love, and thrust her sharp little chin into your sternum, staring up at you, laughing her gap-toothed laugh.
A laugh that came from her very core, a raspy, hearty little chuckle that pealed as joyously as a cathedral's carillon.

With my arms pinned rather uncomfortably to my sides, I was about to peel her arms from around me and free myself, so I could snatch the paint away from her classmate, (who was about to find out what blue paint tasted like), but then I would look down at her.
And her eyes would be shining up at you, her soul laughing at you through these two spheres of chocolate brown.
You were caught. Powerless to resist.
How could you escape from those eyes that laughed at you, that wrapped your heart in an embrace tighter than her jubilant, vise-like hug?

If heaven is the heart of God, peopled with the children of this earth, then the little girl whose eyes shined like a cloud of glory is dancing at the center.

All the way to heaven is heaven.
--Catherine of Siena

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  1. the attack embrace and the laughing eyes as she tested whether you would let her bite your fingers just one more time...

    ps. go catherine of siena!