Monday, September 2, 2013

the world is my seedbed

Brother, the power of love, which is our bliss,
calms all our will. What we desire, we have.
There is in us no other thirst than this.
-Paradisio, Canto III

I can barely keep the earth underneath me. I feel my feet slipping away in fits and starts.
They truculently refuse to cease from fidgeting until they have sated their ravenous wanderlust by alighting in new embarcaderos of nascent worlds. They seek unsullied horizons and terra incognitas.

salt of the earth; light of the world

These are the lights of the world.
You can't chose to whom your light shines. You don't get to force peoples' eyes to open, or insist that they close.
All you get to do is practice the passionately indiscreet practice of self-immolation.
The fuel for this searing fire of love is your self. Your ego. You, you, and nothing but you. The heaps and mounds of you--of ego and self--that you collect as you travel through each year of your life.

The glorious artifacts called memories and experiences and ideas and emotions that shape your gradually accumulating self all become the wick that feeds the flame.
You are the fuel.

The graced result of this combustion is what we call light.
You burn, because love impels you to, what other choice is there?
As love burns away the excess of your self, you find you fit right into the little empty spot in the heart of your father that was fashioned solely for the sake of housing you.
When we are in love, we often do strange, odd things, we do crazy things, we do stupid things, because when someone else becomes the center of your world, you adjust the logic of your universe to center around them, and not yourself.
It is not evolutionarily correct.
It is insanely incorrect.

The light will come.
Let the light shine as brightly or as dimly as it may, just concern yourself with burning.
This is how you discover these most beautiful occupants of this world.
We call them: Other People.

Mystical luminaries like yourself, but outside yourself.
The funny thing is, if you are on fire with LoveWithACaptialL, you cannot help but fall in love with these other beings you find all around you.
If you seek God, you will find that it's not a very lonely world.
There's a busy communion of saints hovering all around Him, filled with the people you are closest to, the people you don't get along well with, and the people you may possibly hate.
They are all there; found right in the heart of God.

I do not cease to give thanks for you,

remembering you always in my prayers.

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