Tuesday, August 13, 2013

leap the topmost skies

 I thought Iʼd be heroic and inspiring.
I wanted to offer you the greatest sacrifice.
Like all the saints whoʼd gone before me,
I tried to prove my love for you, and so gain the prize.
--Danielle Rose

Tonight our family was treated to A Brief History of Modern European Royalty, courtesy of our pastor, Fr. Joseph.
Fr. Joseph regaled us with the brief genealogies of the lineage of the smaller European monarchies and duchies: focusing mostly on the small nations of Belgium, Luxembourg, and Lichtenstein.
He regaled us with the royal tale of Fabiola and Badouin.

This couple pictured below is Queen Fabiola and King Badouin of Belgium, on their wedding day.
Pope John Paul XXIII agreed to be the godfather to their first child, who was never born.

She advocated for women's rights in developing countries. And she loved Mama T. Best Royal Role Model Ever. Ever.

Look at them.
They are in love. 
We know this because Queen Fabiola was unable to produce an heir. All her pregnancies ended in miscarriage. The Belgian Parliament advised King Badouin to divorce her. He needed to produce an heir for the throne.
His answer: absolutely not.
If the line passed to his brother and his brother's children, so be it.
(See. They're in love. Proved it.)
Badouin and Fabiola were married for over thirty years, until the king's death in 1993.


Do small things with great love.
--Mother Teresa

Our acts of goodness and love so often seem so inadequate.
There is so much malice in the world, how can our little, minuscule, miniature acts of love or forgiveness really make any sort of a difference?
The magnitude of evil seems to be so great, there would need to be acts of love of a similar magnitude to counter them.
But I don't know that that's exactly the case.
No one has ever told anyone, so far as I know, that it is their sacred duty to end world hunger.
It's our calling to never let one of our brothers or sisters leave our presence hungry, but that's a different thing entirely. 
That's not ending world hunger. 
World Hunger is a global evil, a disease that affects many people. No one asked us to end it. I don't know how to go about doing so, and the problem of food distribution baffles me.
But someone, one day, will inevitably ask us for food, and we know how that gig works--"Lord, when did we see you hungry and thirsty?"
I don't know if loving some one can solve any of those problems, but it seems to me that solving those problems is simply another way of loving someone, and that really, loving a someone is the main point.

you are a blessing to love

Sometimes, you feel very palpably that someone needs you.
I don't know that any of us will ever solve the problem of why human beings go to war with one another. And, to be perfectly honest, I'm not going to lose sleep over it.
(Although I've lost a lot of sleep this week after I discovered the chocolate-covered espresso beans in our cabinet. Ooops. [Over it.])
What I will lose sleep over is that one time I snapped at my friend, or when I lost my patience with my sister, or the when I frowned instead of smiled at my brother, or when I avoided someone who wanted to talk, or when I stormed out of the house after a squabble with my mother. (When I was a teenager, I used to be very confrontational and dramatic. Of course, I'm not like that anymore.)
Because those are the moments when perhaps I failed to let another human being know--not a human being in abstract, but a human being as in: an annoying, bemusing, confusing, demanding, exhausting person who I don't really fully understand, who doesn't really fully understand me, who happens to be the pinnacle of all creation, and the chiefest of all created beauties--that they are not alone.
One of the deepest sadnesses of a human life is to be alone.
No man is an island, they say, so when you start to feel more insular and less continental, then a sad doubt can creep into your heart that whispers that maybe you are not a glorious being that is the chiefest of created beauties.
I don't know how much I am capable of--world hunger, illiteracy, and war boggle my minds with their imposing un-solvability.
But I do know I have the capability of letting another human being know they are not alone.

The things you do for love are gonna come back to you one by one
--The Mountain Goats

Faith maybe means believing that if you life your life seeking to help other humans and not to harm them, if you devote yourself to letting each person who enters your life know that they are the pinnacle of creation and a treasure beyond comprehension, and that they are not alone; then maybe, somehow your small little drops make a difference in the vast ocean of the world.
Because they tell us that love never fails. They don't tell us that only the greatest or the purest love never fails. Just the simple, little everyday love. That's the stuff that victories are made of.

 I suppose, at the time, the majority of the world had no idea that on one very sad, very good Friday, a man died on a cross on a hill outside Jerusalem.
And that was quite the victory.

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