Saturday, August 24, 2013

it is either valjean or javert

I held nothing in my hands, except a banana and a cellphone.
My only worldly possessions.
Not really.
But in that moment, sort of.
They are not things that are dear to me.
"Dear" is the best adjective to describe things that have wound themselves into our heart.
Because you can't become "dear" to someone in an hour.
Dear is the product of an accumulation of memories: of sweet moments of observing the quirkily unique, and irreplaceable nature of the beloved. We smile because they are the most unique radiance in an entire cosmos of constellations.
When we say: you are dear to me, how very much we mean it.
Behind the word "dear" is a whole world of wonder.


Matthew's warm, maple-wooded room, was filled with sunlight.
I sang a few bars, testing out the acoustics. The room rang with fresh echoes, they reverberated with the tinny sound of new corners receiving the waves of sounds they'd never heard before.
Matthew's room was unfamiliar with the sound of music.
Outside, the birdsong joined in my song.
It is hard to feel lonely surrounded by warm maple-wood, the song of birds, and warm sunlight.
The beads smelled like roses.
As they slipped through my fingers, I dreamed of visitations with hearts leaping.


One of the most heart-warming sights in all of creation is two people having a conversation.
It fills the cockles of my heart with sunshine.
 Beyond piquing my curiosity over what they could possibly be talking about, conversation provokes a deeper sort of interest.
Because when I see two people having an argument, it's horribly uncomfortable. The tension and discord radiate away from them through the air in large, pulsing, angry waves.
What sort of horrible could they be having in their lives that leads to all the angry leaking into the atmosphere around them.

But conversation.
Conversation is soul-lightening.
It is beautiful to watch two humans interact so civilly.
They listen and share stories, and exchange ideas.
As I biked by one little group, a man talked calmly and concisely to a woman who listened attentively and responded with articulate sentences and expressive hand gestures.
They exchanged thoughts and they listened to another's thoughts and were changed a bit because they listened to something they'd never heard before.
The world cannot be all bad if one human being can express something to another who will listen.

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