Monday, February 11, 2013

even the stones cry out

The answer to all the best questions is a story.

Stories capture so perfectly the truth that only particularity can reveal. But, at the same time, they gently persuade their listeners to dig into their narratives to find some sort of deeper, universal truth.

Sometimes, you can't capture the unique irreplaceability of a person, except through their name. I find that when thinking of an adjective to describe my mother, the word that always immediately pops to my mind is her name. Her name isn't an adjective, in fact, my fourth grade grammar book taught me that her name is a Proper Noun. (It also taught me a lot of lessons about superlatives that I promptly ignored. Sorry, fourth grade grammar book, I reject your simplistic, two-dimensional worldview.)
But names capture the particularity of a person's essence with an effortless delicate perfection.
They capture their entire life story neatly into one little word: their name.

Human beings are adept at making stories. 
We're especially skilled at recognizing stories.
We are always on the look-out for the patterns we have learned through our story-books. And when we  find them they resonate with all the brilliant gloriousness of truth. 
When something fits, when something just settles into place, when something makes sense, our natural response is one word: 
Just a YES. 
An affirmation, a recognition: YES.
Why, YES.
YES, of course. This is the way the world is supposed to be.
How could the story go any other way?


Sometimes, you find those moments of affirmation, where dreams and reality meet. When you hear about a foreign country, and you irreversibly realize in your heart: I'm going to go there.
It's that feeling you get when someone describes someone and you know: I'm going to fall in love with that person.
You wonder how people can say "I knew I was gong to marry her the second I met her" but then you find yourself going to that foreign country. You find the person you've longed to be friends with is so closely entwined with your heart it cannot beat without them.
You realize that human beings aren't really so good at seeing the future, as they are truly gifted at seeing the Present.
You discover the miraculous truth that if we listen to the quiet rhythm of the world, seeing the Truth is not difficult at all.
If you quietly peel back the veil of the temporal in each moment, you find the eternal sparkling underneath, ready to reveal the most amazing beauties hidden beneath even the most terrible of lies.

If we listen and look, we find the Story is right there in front of our eyes, under our feet.
And if we utter our YES, our simple recognition of the way the world is, the way it's supposed to be, we find that our lips can build a castle out of our castles-in-the-air.

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  1. this is one of the most beautiful things i have ever read.