Saturday, January 5, 2013

song that sorrow taught me

And with love everlasting you besiege me

At one of the first masses the liturgical choir sang this year (they're on tour without me right now, and OhHowIWishIWasThere), our prelude was a song that, for whatever serendipitous reason, smote my heart in an instant.

There are myriad moments where words fail, where silence becomes stale. 
In those moments, there is always music.
That one piece of music, that little prelude, consistently reminded me there is nowhere on earth I can escape a love so relentless, so annoyingly insistent. 
That song so often reminds me that I am known more completely than I could ever comprehend. It consistently crashed through all the walls I built up, and convinced me there was magic to be made. 

even the darkness is radiant in your sight

The three words I have found so often on the tip of my tongue recently are: 
I am amazed

It takes my breath away how love can wrap you in his arms.
How thorns can blossom into flowers.
It amazes me.
It amazes me so completely that there can be such great peace in sorrow.
I am in awe that that silent song of love can drown out the noisy clamor of pain.
Love is a word used so over-often, it becomes domesticated. 

"No one, nor anything, can harm us, child, save what we fear or love.” 
--The Bridal Wreath: Kristin Lavransdatter, Vol. 1

In this life, love and pain are so closely wedded together. But it amazes me how sweet a thing love can be. 
How love is so sweet, so tender, so gentle in its persistence. 
So completely overwhelming in its goodness, how such a love can caress and comfort is too much for my heart. 
I find myself standing in the full sun, and its light is almost too much to bear.

It amazes me that sorrow can become joy; that suffering can be peace. 
That, at the end of the journey, the constant companions who seemed to be bearers of great sadness can only be numbered among our blessings. 
Men signed with the cross of Christ, wrote Chesterton, go gaily into the dark. 
With heads spinning from the great, marvelous mystery of love, how can one not leap gaily into the dark? 
The darkness is so fleeting and so temporal. It pales in comparison to the lights that shine and glimmer on the horizon.

At the end of the journey, my friend, those kingdom lights will shine just for me and you.

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  1. "There are myriad moments where words fail, where silence becomes stale.
    In those moments, there is always music."

    Yah well isn't that just the most amazing thing I've read today. Thank you!