Tuesday, January 22, 2013

seize the hope that lies before us

If we give him our lives, our little handfuls of self: he will give us everlasting life.
--Angela Franks

Your hands hold a world within them.

Many hands all passed the plates to each other, one after another.
Many hands passed sandwiches one to the other.
Many hands, covered in suds, washed dishes.
There was laughter.
There was the smell of gravy and soup and hot mashed potatoes.
Pots and pans clicked, feet moved.
There were smiles, and words I didn't understand, and many I'm sorry, could you repeat thats.
But I understood the smiles.

In the hands of the children in the park, there were slushy snowballs. 
The snow covered the park in a blanket of quiet.
I just wanted to breathe in that park forever.
Just sit in the snow, with my hands open and breathe.

I have two little angels in my hands.
Dressed in blue, holding flowers.
They are holding each other. 
Supporting each other, nestled in each other, safe and sound.

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