Thursday, January 17, 2013

eternal dropping in on the finite

The present is our entry into the eternal.
If we're to enter into the eternal moment of grace, well, then we ought to enter deeply into the very present moment that we're given.

As I felt the pulse of the music in a crowded room full of dancing bodies, I looked around and realized that so many of the people I saw were not living in the present.
As a boy and a girl rubbed their bodies against each other, not sure what to do with their eyes, they each let their eyes wander off into the vacant distance.
They were not in the present.

I looked at the boy whose his eyes were glazed over, as he floppily batted at the fog coming from the smoke machine.
He was definitely not in the present.

But then I looked at my flatmate, dancing beside me with her wild curls whipping around her head, in perfect time with the music. I saw her cheeks flushed from a pint of cider, and her eyes sparkling with fun.

She was in the present. She was soaking in every single second. Fully living each moment, just as you fully taste each spoonful of rich chocolate mousse.

And as I closed my eyes and felt the heavy bass line pound through the floor, as sharp and intoxicating as the images that a strobe light creates. The beat seeped up into my body.

I closed my eyes and felt the heat of the lights on my face.
The warmth encased every part of me.

I opened my eyes again, basking in the warmth, and watched the surge of people around me.

I, too, was in the present.
The present was alive, throbbing with light.
I stopped missing the past, I forgot to worry about the future.
I opened myself to the life I found right there.

And I danced like I knew my life would never be the same as it was right there.
Right there, in that infinite moment of grace we call the present.

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