Friday, December 21, 2012

silent testament of love

"There is beauty in everything, even in silence and darkness.” 
 ― Helen Keller

Stir not up nor awaken love until it please

There's a little tale of a student once asking Helen Keller if she minded being deprived of vision. "I would mind," she responded, "if I had no vision. But we see with our hearts."
We see with our hearts.

I never hide the fact that I love fairytales--Brothers Grimm, the Blue Book, Disney--most any fairytales. Fairytales are life, cut down to the bare essentials. They are simple: good and evil. Dragons and princesses. Queens and kings. In fairytales, you always know where you stand.

One of my favorite fairytales is Sleeping Beauty. Maybe because I aspire to that much sleep. (Sleeping Beauty: Patron Princess of the Sleep-Deprived.) But mostly because she, like Rapunzel and Fiona, as mentioned before, is another Advent Princess. And most deeply because she represents the condition of all human souls.

At one level, darkness frightens us; it seems cold, despairing, and hopeless. Yet at the same time, something about darkness attracts us like an old friend, consoling us, and allowing us to turn inward and away from the challenges of the world.
-David Sherrer, C.S.C.

The darkness that we find each night in sleep in necessary for us to enter into. And each morning, the light of the sun calls us out of our slumber. Light and love can only find us when we admit that, on our own, we are in darkness. 
Without love, our souls are dormant, they exist in a semi-consciousness, semi-reality. Our spirits need love to truly awake, to spring into life. Separated from love, we fall into a lifeless coma.
On our own, we will persist in this sleep of death.
But, like the kiss of a brave prince, Love can break the dark enchantment of our selves. 
Love is what awakens us.
Love is on its way.

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