Thursday, December 20, 2012

mentiras piadosas

If there's one thing that sets apart grace and the world, it's words.
All too often, we say words that we don't really mean, or that don't really mean anything at all:

"Oh I'm fine"
"It's all about finding balance."
"Things aren't always black and white."
"That dress looks great on you."
"Don't worry about it."

The problem with such vague, spineless language is that it teaches us not to really be convicted of the truth of what we're saying.
The language we're taught to say, as part of our vernacular cannot bear the weight of reality.
It communicates half-truths and casts more shadows than it spreads light.
Which is a problem.
Because when we say something like:
I love you
God is love.
I promise.
I forgive you.
We don't believe what we say.

We say the words, and then think: oh yes, it's a beautiful symbolic sentiment: We're all just sort of interconnected, and God cares about us all. I promise something or other something. I have some sort of feelings of affection toward you.

We say words, because they're the words readily available, not because we have found that they're the words that harmonize most closely with the deeper truth we need them to convey.

We are often too lazy with words. We don't seek to find the word that's precisely the one we want. The most sadly underused book is the thesaurus.
We ought to think more highly of our thoughts, and not incarnate them in mediocre bodies. The power of the human word cannot be underestimated.

In fairytales, the words of a spell are always very particular. A heroine or hero must say the exact right words. They are often told by the kindly hag/crone/fairy-in-disguise to repeat the words several times in  her presence in order to make sure they have memorized the words in precisely the right order.
I think the fairytales are trying to tell us something.
We never know when our words will enchant, inspire, captivate, hurt, heal, crush, or capture another human.
But if all our words have the power to cast an enchantment, if said correctly, we should use great care in using them.
And we should never settle for a word less than our idea deserves. We all have infinite Beauty to explore, and Infinite Truth to express.
Don't sell yourself short, and settle for a word less than you deserve.

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  1. Yes, yes, yes. Oh girl, sometimes I am convinced that we have the same mind.