Wednesday, December 19, 2012

cynics were outraged

Many people mistake our work for our vocation. Our vocation is the love of Jesus.
--Blessed Mother Teresa of Calcutta

So. Peeps. 
Zachariah is receiving a lot of press today.
I love this dude, because he's got the right reaction to God's surprises. Which is surprise.
We often forget how shocking the story of Salvation is. This story of Zachariah just seems like yet another time that an angel appears to yet another barren couple to announce yet another miraculous birth of An Important Son. blah blah blah been there, done that, pickin' up the pattern God's laying down.

But Zachariah's got (at least in part) the right reaction: which is utter bewilderment.
Because, imagine that an angel appears to you right now and tells you that you (or your wife) is going to bear An Important Son. 
Please don't even try to tell me you wouldn't lose your cool a little bit. You might, like Zachariah, be disturbed by this sight and be a little bit overcome with fear.


My sisters once decided amongst themselves: Renée's a not-make-sense kind of a person. 
If our particular quirks and unique personalities are supposed to reveal a certain part of the infinite mystery of God, then I wonder what being a not-make-sense kind of a person realizes.
Zachariah encounters the seemingly nonsensical nature of God.
"How can I be sure of this?" he asks.
Good gracious.
What a question.
It's a question I find myself asking often, as I tentatively step forward one step at a time on the adventure that is set for me.
Is this right?
Can I be sure of this?
Even if I'm sure of this, can I prove to others that this is the right path?  
That last question warranted a laugh.
I was reminded that answering those questions is out of my control.

It's not your job, Renée; it's My job to prove Myself. That's my job. I kinda got this one under control. 
Content yourself with your vocation. 

It's not up to us to account for the surprises of God.
But, like Zachariah, we are called to enter into the mystery in silence and awe.
We are called to receive; not to attempt to offer limping explanations for mysteries.

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