Saturday, November 17, 2012

you were there to remind me

The universe rings true whenever you fairly test it.
--C.S. Lewis

If self-giving love is the logic of the universe, then if you step outside the self-giving love, everything falls to chaos. 
If you step outside self-giving love,  then the universe stops to ring true.
Your universe turns into something raw and red and throbbing.
It turns into a big old knot of pain, mixed with a little anger and bitternes, with a generous helping of hurt.
You've stepped outside the bounds of logic, and you've become caught in a spiral that leads nowhere except inward on itself. 
People talk about going "crazy with grief." It happens--you've lost your foothold on logic, and are tumbling down the rabbit hole.

The only way to reorient yourself--to recalibrate--is to enter into the logical universe once again:
to turn back to self-giving love.

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