Thursday, November 1, 2012

see you from my point of view

The lightbearer was often lost in darkness.
She found sanctuary in the little warm cave of lights. 
There was one light shining just for her. 
She trusted little pieces of herself to that light--
little red, broken, hurting pieces. Fragile and brittle.
In the morning, when sunrise came, she returned to the cave and found that the little red pieces had been replaced with a radiant new piece. 
Soft and new, full of gentle light.
Her face shone like the sun shining off a pale gold leaf.

There are few things I love more than language. One of them may possibly be friendship.

There are many beautiful benchmarks of a friendship. One of the most beautiful creations of a friendship is the creation of a new language, a new vocabulary. There are words you learn from one another, words you share together.
One of the most delightful gifts of forming a friendship is the common vocabulary that you create together.

A vocabulary is a verbal portrait of two friends. Because the words that you share in a specific moment become saturated with all the colors of that moment. Forevermore, when you use that word together, it brings to mind that conversation, or that burst of shared Joy, or that shared struggle. When you use that word, you not only mean the dictionary definition of the word, but you are asking your companion to recall that moment with you. 

 An example:
When my sister or I say pizzazz, it instantly makes us smirk, remembering the fits of laughter the word threw us into at 2am one morning. For us, nothing that is supposed to be taken seriously can be described with the word pizzazz. Pizzazz will forever have a touch of the ridiculous.
A few snapshots:

The phrase: social construct brings up a whole host of remembered inside jokes and millions of inside jokes that grew on top of those inside jokes. (Jokes on jokes on jokes, you might say).

enlightening, cosmic, look up, blessings, oh hon, etc. 

Words have so much power.
A well-placed inside joke can diffuse a tense situation amongst friends. With just one word, you can remind everyone of a moment of joy. By twisting one little word, you can hurt someone more than they deserve.
Words can provide comfort in a very intangible, but real way. There is a certain syntax and vocabulary that makes up a friendship, born of the words created together, and the phrases and words that are unique to each particular person. There are words that our particularly ours--that we favor above other words and use with more frequency. These are distinct from the words that we use together, but sometimes, we will adopt the words of our friends. Our language begins to mirror theirs.

Our friendships deepen our words in the most marvelous and joyful of ways.
And our words deepen and tighten our friendships in a most enlightening way.

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