Thursday, November 8, 2012

god's little dishrag

There are certain days each year I stop and marvel at how one whole year has passed.
And some moments seem very far away and very long ago, and some moments seem closer than yesterday.

I remembered that one year ago today, I wrote this.

I never thought that one year later that simple little act of kindness would send such ripples through my life.

Today I am marveling at the angels that God has brought into my life. Whether wearing North Face jackets, or Autumn sweaters; J. Crew raincoats or hipster cardigans, I have been so blessed by so many who have made such ripples in my life.

So last year, I came in from the rain and watched Love Actually for the first time that Season with my friend while my heart overflowed with gratefulness, and poured out the thankfulness into a blog post.

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