Monday, October 8, 2012

sparrows that dive-bomb

"Ya know, life is beautiful and stress is ugly. Therefore, stress isn't life, so ignoring is perfectly reasonable. In fact, logically responsible"

Someone once asked me to explain what a pumpkin-pie moment is. It's a very good question, because pumpkin-pie moments are somewhat mysterious and difficult to explain, because they're just something that you recognize when it's happening, and savor it.

Some things are like that. So few things allow themselves to be captured in words. Most of our lives evade being tied down into perfect descriptions. 

Like the feeling of taking a shower after a morning of sweat and grime and yucky dirtiness. The feeling of being completely clean from the top of your head down to your toenails. I don't think the word clean fully captures the insane pleasure that comes from being washed free of all the dirt of the day.

Like the feeling of a Saturday morning. Saturday morning feels unlike any other morning. It feels happy and cozy--like a warm sweater--and very much like a pancake: breakfast-y and home-y. 
It feels something like this:

Like the feeling of finding something that you thought was irretrievably lost. Relief doesn't even begin to cover that: it's a mixture of relief and joy, and the sense of a burden being completely thrown off one's heart.

Like the feeling of staying up so late that you see the sunrise. The dawn feels so different from the wrong side of sleep.

Like the feeling of receiving love when it's unexpected. Love that takes you by surprise and sneaks up on you, bringing with it an unexpected joy that recolors the world. When love that you could never have predicted or calculated into your life finds you, you have arrived at the threshold of human experience where you must check your words at the door. There are sacred places where we must doff the shoes that protect our feet and the thick cloud of words which we wrap around our spirits. In places of indescribable beauty, we can only walk bare-foot and bare-tongued.
That is a pumpkin-pie moment.

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