Sunday, October 14, 2012

On a Crazy Adventure

Part I.

If you are one of the few (aka my mom) who has been a reader since last fall break, you will remember that I trekked out to Washington D.C. with an ND group, and wrote extensively about the experience.
It was incredible, life-changing, and many of the stories from the immersion still stick with me to this day. I remember some of the stories of the trip like they were yesterday.

This fall, I'm on the same trip. But it's a completely different adventure. We took vans, not the train. I'm a leader, not a follower. And I'm the only hippie in a group of brilliant people, which means I'm desperately missing my Gypsy Mermaid companion.)

It started early this morning with bagels and coffee and greasy hair. The coffee disappeared all too quickly, and the greasy hair increased incrementally as the day progressed. But despite the lack of a shower, starting on a journey before the sun has even started his daily trek is sort of exhilarating. And there's nothing like the exhilaration of caffeine hitting your system and getting a palpable burst of energy. That could just be the placebo effect, but boy do I love it. 

Also, I drove a mini-van that 
A) was permeated with a heavenly new-car smell. It smelled of new beginnings and fresh adventures.
B) was aesthetically pleasing to look at/be in. I was concerned about this. Because it's much easier to have greasy hair and feel like a half-drowned water rat when you're surrounded by comfort and beauty. My cozy little rental van made me feel significantly more put together. And any vestiges of put-togetherness were highly welcomed this morning.
C) made me feel like a mom. Which is a good thing. As we journeyed closer and closer to D.C., all my dreams of being First Lady returned to me, and I grew more and more maternal by the second (until I started to fall asleep at the wheel [hey Mom] and was made to nap for the rest of the journey. Oh the indignity.)

 The journey itself was beautiful. There was sassing, there was laughing, and there was sharing of stories and souls. The landscape we were adventuring through was a sea of fall color and hills of beauty. With Mumford & Sons playing in the background, it was the perfect fall road-trip experience.

We stopped to visit one of our participant's families, who took us to lunch at an adorably kitschy wings restaurant. As I talked with his father, I found myself drawn into a conversation about the importance of Eucharist and sharing meals together, and family and travel. I also learned the difference between civil engineers and architects. Architects are the dreamers and civil engineers are the schemers. Together they create incredible structures.

I'm an architect, I think. 
So I'm taking my dreams and my wonder with me as we encounter the ideas of the civil engineers and schemers.
So here I go. Again.

*[You Only Gospel of Life Once]

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  1. I'm so glad you're back in DC!!! Can't wait to see you!