Thursday, October 18, 2012

no one told me I was going to find you

Part V.

There's nothing so cozy as finding a home away from home.

Yesterday, we all apparently woke up on the sassy side of the bed. We were loving and sassing as soon as we rolled out into the kitchen and bleary-eyed, poured ourselves our morning bowls of cereal.
As I looked around at the incredible students surrounding me, I was overwhelmed by a wave of gratitude for them and admiration of them. They have forged a community out of nothing, and created a home for themselves in the little church basement where we're staying. 

The sense of community forming felt so palpably similar to the feeling of home that pervaded the air last Friday as I sat in the Lewis Hall chapel, playing music and talking with fellow Visionaries. As we sang the anthem of the summer: Be God's, I looked around with joy at all my companions. All of us were caught up in the joy of the song, the joy of the moment, and the joy of each other. As we sang this song together, memories of the summer were floating through all our minds: memories of singing this song each week, of sharing a stage, looking up at the shining faces of 300 highschoolers and feeling our faces mirror their shine, of looking around at our fellow mentors, who showed us so concretely how to be God's smile, be God's rock, or be God's light. Moments like that are home in the truest sense.

Later that day, my friend Scott and I met up with friends of ours who were touring through town. On our way down there, we discussed the importance of rest in forming our little Gospel of Life community. Despite the frantic level of activity, we've tried to find rest during the day, and allow our group to become a community. And it's sort of incredible to watch two girls who can disagree with each other so passionately sit next to each other on a couch and joke and tease like friends always do. It's phenomenal and, in fact, sort of miraculous.

When we finally met up with our friends, just seeing the familiar faces of friends from back at school was a comforting bit of Notre Dame in the middle of the big city. We walked around and saw the sights and laughed together. Later that day, as we  watched their concert at a small high school, I was so overwhelmed by the sense of home I felt by just standing up and singing the Alma Mater or the fight song with fellow students by my side, and alumni surrounding us.

One of the highlights of the day, and the most homey-home we discovered yesterday was dinner at my friend Tess's precious house. We invaded her kitchen and then she and we all cooked up dinner together really quickly. Moments of hospitality like that warm my soul.
But what melted me completely was when Tess pulled out a carton of pumpkin ice cream out of the freezer especially for me. That was too good to be real. 
It made me sparkle with happy contentment.


  1. Stop it!! You're making me miss my DC home! So glad you're having a wonderful fall break...
    ...and we should talk Europe soon! ;) <3

  2. Hurray! I'm so glad. :) It was delightful seeing you guys, although I'm sad it was so brief. Next time for longer!