Monday, October 22, 2012

imprecise half-worlds

If your life was demanded of you, how extraordinary would it be?

Anyone who has earned a reputation for piety by prayer, deep breathing exercises twice daily, and one or two acceptable good works has gained this much for his trouble, that few people bring him any extraordinary problem. It is possible for such a man to go into a flat spin when faced with some trouble that does not come within a familiar category.
--Muriel Spark, The Comforters

There are some lecturers who have the unfortunate power to make an incredibly interesting subject completely boring. Not because the subject they're lecturing on is so dull, but because their presentation of the material fails to do the subject justice. The pedestrian lecture almost effaces the mystery and intrigue of a subject yet to be learned.

Our lives are something transcendent and glorious. The beauty of being a human is indisputable; we are creatures that house the marriage of natural and supernatural. We were made for more than to get lost in the half-worlds of tea parties, Twitter, and tax returns. 

The grind of daily life can seem quite ordinary, nothing like the high ideals we hope to achieve. The ambiguities of our human society and of the physical universe can make it difficult to see God always and everywhere.
--Rev. Thomas E. Hosinski, C.S.C.

Because we live our daily lives in the Shadowlands, it can become so dangerously easy to let the supernatural within us grow too integrated with the natural. Prayer, meant to be a daily shock out of our complacency, becomes something like exercise: a performance we engage in daily as part of our Healthy Regimen. Like those dull professors, we are too adept at turning the mysterious and fantastical stuff our lives are made of into something pedantic and pedestrian. 

The ordinary cannot understand the extraordinary. 
But the extraordinary demands that all things ordinary become new.

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