Tuesday, October 30, 2012

he will carry me home tonight we are invincible

Love is patient.
Love is kind
Love is not jealous.
Love is not irritable.

If there's one lesson I've learned this first half of the semester, it's that Divine Providence is overwhelmingly good. Providence is good in two senses: it's good at what it does. Details. Even the smallest details are so lovingly hand-painted. And, in the other sense, it's nature is intrinsically Goodness. All things that are from Divine Providence are good.

The thing about Goodness is that even when it doesn't look like niceness, it's still goodness.
I think immediately of the description of Aslan in The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe: "Of course He isn't safe. But He's good." It's rather perfect. There's nothing safe about the Christian religion. I mean, Jesus doesn't say: Come, Follow Me! Happiness and health in store! He promises us a cross. Ouch. What on earth is the point of the cross anyway?

Being capacitated. Life, love, suffering, etc. are all about being capacitated for divinity--which is just limitless, eternal, true love. Love--even simple, ordinary, very human love--is too much for our hearts to bear often. To birth an eternal love, we undergo such awful labor pains.
But none of these pains are wasted. 

For every moment we spend doubled over by the throbbing pain of heartache, we grow into a person who can burst with a heart on fire with love.

For each time that our eyes are blurred over with tears, our sight grows deeper more able to see our friends and family with the eyes of love.

For each hour that we spend laid flat sobbing on the floor, we are raised up on our tip toes, and our laughs deepen into sounds more joyful than Eucharist bells.

Hurricanes and typhoons come during different seasons of the year. Sometimes they rage on the coastline and sometimes they rage in our hearts.
But, with the wide-eyed wonder and firm belief in the magic of the cosmos, we wander child-like through the storm, with our crosses as our signs and hopeful guideposts. 

Love never fails.

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