Monday, October 1, 2012

baby squirrels and sparkling lakes

"Let us love, for our hearts are made for nothing else."
--St. Thérèse of Lisieux

As our family sat in the bright autumn sun, and my little siblings started running like banshees around the playground, I rested my head on my mother's lap and felt twenty years slipping away to two. 
As my mother stroked my hair, I felt tears fall out of my eyes and onto her lap.
I was home.
Our souls are all ages at the same time--the wise never forget how to be a child.
I think that's called eternity.
October is the best month.
In October, everything is charged with an electric energy that makes you want to dance across the still-green-though-dying grass and jump into piles and piles of crunchy brown and scarlet leaves. You have to be on your toes, otherwise you'll miss the slight incremental changes that take us from the magical realm of late summer to the grey November early-winter. October is the month of autumn. September still belongs to the waning summer, and November is the month of grey skies, washing all the colors of October away in preparation for the immaculate December snow.

October is the month of flame and fire, when the trees finally yell at the world to notice them. If you've forgotten about trees all summer, you'll have to notice them in October. They send down little reminders of their presence, that we can't help but notice because they catch our eyes with their vibrance, or they crunch under our feet, or land on our shoulders. Fall leaves blanket the world with beauty-- their beauty that shines forth only in October. Their change begins in September, and ends in November, but high autumn belongs only to October.

October is the month of sweets--of Halloween candy, and pumpkin pies and cookies and glorious pumpkin treats, of apple orchards and apple cider, of hot cocoa and campfires. October is the month of chill winds in cornfields, bright moons, dark skies, and an invasion of the magical into the ordinary. October is the month of new beginnings, making new friends, finding new homes, seeking new adventures. October is the happiest of all the months.

October: synonyms: autumn, perfection, Joy, beauty, and transcendent happiness. 

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  1. My goodness Addie, you voiced my feelings on Autumn beautifully. I've tried again and again to describe why exactly I like autumn so much and could never express it as well as you just have. ^-^ (Although I like September better than October ahcause my birthday is in I just substituted "autumn" for "october" a lot when I was reading this.. ^_-)

    Basically - Autumn=perfection. ^-^

    Cheers! ♥