Friday, October 5, 2012

a thousand little merfs

The title is the sound that my heart is making as I watch Audrey Hepburn and Gregory Peck share a glass of wine outside a little Roman café. I would also be saying it out loud, but I can't. 
Because it's quad nap time. 
The four of us are never here at the same time. But now we are. And it's purely magic, almost as magical as watching Gregory and Audrey waltz on a dock next to the Tiber.

As I returned from a day of bouncing from place-to-place, I arrived back home to the beautiful sight of Roman Holiday playing and my three beautiful roommates settling into napping positions. Maybe because the day was so very London-like in weather, I remembered that next semester I wouldn't have the luxury of returning at the end of the day to the cozy little corner of a room I get to call home. 
Last night, as I sat hugging my dear rommie, I was overwhelmed by a wave of thankfulness. One of those moments of realizing how fortunate I am to have shared pillow talks and quad nap times and two and a half years of college with her.

My room is always a sanctuary. A place where, like yesterday, I can retreat from the harum-scarum doings of the outside world and curl up in a ball on the floor, and let all my books flow all over the desk, and let myself be still for a moment while I lie on the floor and watch Audrey Hepburn and Gregory Peck say good-bye to each other forever in the most tragically beautiful manner. Our quad was filled with a happy wave of silence and stillness. That's the sort of stillness I enjoy. When my body and spirit are both at rest, neither of them itching to be somewhere else or counting the minutes until I can dart out of my rolly-meeting-chair and run out into the wet autumn day with the honeycrisp apple the size of my head I found, and look up at the sky and say: God, I'm so happy.

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