Friday, September 21, 2012

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Today is a very Thought Catalog sort of day.
And I like that.
 It's been a day full of grey clouds, crisp fall air, the smell of coffee and apples, great friends and good conversations. And then I happily found a Thought Catalog article that made my heart do little jumping jacks of joy.
This article asks the central question that lies at the heart of each human being: 
what is beautiful?

Each human so desperately needs to know that their own beauty adds something to the splendor of the world. We are an integral part of the created universe, and we cannot look up at a star-filled night sky, or see swans swimming on a glassy lake without yearning for that brilliant beauty to be a part of our own loveliness.
How could a human being possibly be ugly? We are the crowning glory of a creation that is made up of the smell of lilacs, snow capping the tops of tall green mountains, and sunsets over the Pacific ocean. There's a reason poets use nature to try to describe the beauty of their beloved. Language is a limit, reaching out into the infinite, but never quite approaching it. Poetry is the limit of beauty: always trying to capture just what makes love so beautiful, trying to see the answer to the question: why do my beloved's eyes sparkle so? searching for the answer to: why does my heart skip a beat when a touch the lily-white of her hand? And so poets turn to nature: a beauty much less dangerous and less awe-filled than the beauty of another human.

But I have seen what beautiful is.
For the past month, I have been privileged to watch three beautiful women enter a room and share so incredibly generously of themselves.
I have watched them tell a story that requires themselves to give and give and give. And they keep giving. And that is absolutely beautiful.
I have seen them laugh together, joke together, sometimes shed tears together, and hug one another.
We have sassed each other, we have challenged each other. We have had mental breakdowns, we have dissolved into laughter.

What's so beautiful about all that?
Art, my friends. We're making art. 
What's art?
Art is beauty. And beauty is truth. It's about that simple. 
Watching a room of six women strip away all the exterior armor that we hide ourselves in and let the truth about ourselves shine through? 
That's wondrously beautiful.
Telling a story that's telling the truth is powerfully beautiful.
That's the lesson that art teaches us: 
Seek truth and find beauty. 
Or seek beauty and find truth.
They never depart from one anther.

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