Monday, September 10, 2012


“There's a lot of difference between listening and hearing.” ― G.K. Chesterton

Sometimes, I get lost in the amount of words swirling through my head. I drown in the myriad thoughts filling my mind. Language is an incredible instrument. Words can mean nothing, but we use them to mean everything. We use phrases to avoid communicating as well as to communicate. We hide behind words, and we expose ourselves with words. We use words to open wounds and we use words to mend them. Words words words: the spoken and the unspoken. They make up every single thought in every single day.
I always have a lot of words and lots of things to say. I never lack opinions. I am rarely rendered speechless. I have a word for every occasion, and an applicable quote for every silence that must be filled. But although I have a thousand things to say, I find myself strangely dry, empty, barren of ideas. 
In the midst of the luxurious surfeit, there is an inexplicable deficiency.

That's when I hear the command: be opened

In order for the mute tongue to shout for joy, his ears must be opened first. In order to speak plainly, I must hear clearly. I cannot be opened up to the Word I crave when I am sated on the words of my own device. Enamored absolutely with the complexity and subtlety, I often forget the power of language is in its masterful simplicity. A simplicity that transcends all complexity, that begs to be listened to. 
So I open myself and remember that only one Word is needful.

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