Thursday, August 2, 2012

reach the unreachable star

Song currently playing on a loop on my computer: This lil' gem. Making me smile so hard. How ingenious are these guys? Answer: über genius. 

The Piano Guys are simply all-around stellar.


Current conversation of interest: I was discussing Lewis' Mere Christianity with one of this summer's Vision participants, and she said something that summed up essentially what is the study of theology. “Basically, this book made me realize that by comprehending all these things, I’ll recognize the fact that I can not comprehend them, and what beauty there is in that." 
 How beautiful. 
In studying theology, you have the audacity to seek to comprehend the incomparable. 
You claim the courage to encounter Transcendence beyond Transcendence and attempt to begin to understand Him. 
The task that theology sets out to do is insane. 
But what a beauty there is in that--the more we grasp of the mystery, the more we realize the mystery is beyond our grasp. 
The more we enter into Love, the larger we realize it actually is. 
To go back to the words of Lewis, in Perelandra he writes: 
 "At the very zenith of complexity, complexity was eaten up and faded, as a thin white cloud fades into the hard blue burning of the sky, and a simplicity beyond all comprehension, ancient and young as spring, illimitable, pellucid, drew him with cords of infinite desire into its own stillness."

On the homefront: my little brother asked if he could have a friend over for a sleepover. My frazzled mother, who has to ship the three eldest of her little chickadees out of the nest in the next month, wisely and emphatically responded: "No."
 My brother, master tactician and king of thinking on his feet, responds: "What if I pay you?" 
 Resourceful young lad.

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